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Reverse MX

Our Reverse MX lookup offers you a ton of data! You need only to type in the MX record you've got, and you'll get all domains using that record or mail server.

What's more, search results are interrelated which means that for any domain you click on, we display all information available in one of the biggest domain databases in the world - ours! It boasts 276+ mln registered and active (in the zone) domains in all gTLDs and ccTLDs and includes Whois details, IP addresses, name servers, etc. as well as domains related by IP, NS or MX.

When you use the Reverse MX lookup, you should keep in mind that we refresh our database once every 2-3 weeks. We can also provide real-time results for bulk MX lookup even fr millions of domains. Get in touch for more details.

Please also note that the list of displayed results is limited. Check out subscription plan for more options.

Reverse MX may be a lesser known Reverse lookup compared to Reverse Whois and Reverse IP but it can be very useful, especially when other data is missing, eg in the case of private Whois or hidden IPs.

You can use Reverse MX to:

We aim to meet as many of your domain needs as possible so SPF records of existing domains are coming soon. Stay tuned!

We can do tailor-made searches as well and use multiple filters. Contact us with your request now!