Explanation of search options.

Keyword or Trademark search in all registered domains

We've developed this keyword search to provide you access to even bigger domain lists and their interrelations. With this lookup you get all domains containing the keyword/phrase you choose. You can use it as a trademark search and it’ll help to you manage your brand protection in the domain space. After all, your brand domain name is what attracts visitors to your website and ultimately, revenue to your business.

Please note that you should enter at least a five-symbol long string in the search field to get results.

Our keyword search tool is useful when:

Each domain name contains all available data from our database - domain owner data, MX records, NS records, and A and AAAA records of IP addresses. It also shows how many domains are related to it by IP, NS, or MX which helps when you want to track any sort of violation or simply want to find out/contact the domain owner.

The number of results per search request is set by your subscription plan. To access full list of results, write to us. The search results that you get are sourced from our own database consisting of over 273 mln registered and active domains across all gTLDs, including new gTLDs (99% coverage) and ccTLDs.

Please note that they are based on existing Whois data for .com and .net and for other TLDs where available. Some ccTLDs do not maintain Whois records or their data is only partial. In such cases search results are supplied based on existing name servers. Our database is updated every 2 to 3 weeks.

We can do custom searches, eg using multiple filters or short strings /less than 5 symbols/ so contact us if you've got a specific request!