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Reverse IP, NS and MX

DomainEye is a domain/host investigation tool that has one of the world's largest domain databases

Our reverse IP lookup service can find all domains related to another domain, IP address, NS server or MX record. Our source is a huge domain database The source is a huge domain database that covers all gTLD domain names (com/net/org/info/biz/us and the new gTLD extensions) and most of the ccLTD names (like .de, and .co.uk) that exist.

The bigger the database, the richer the reverse IP lookup service we can offer. We will improve the database domain count even more in time and we'll frequently update it with newly registered domain names.

We will also put together our current reverse IP lookup and reverse NS/MX services with our soon-to-come reverse Whois lookup into one combined powerful investigation tool that will give you a maximum chance of finding all domains belonging to a single owner -- a must have for any online research.

Stay tuned for all our new features and promotions